Saturday, August 17, 2019

Happenings at KNNA-LP 95.7FM

   KNNA-LP is growing up. More volunteers trickle in every month, original programs are created, and our studio continues to improve.

   I wish I could say that KNNA-LP became a full blown FM radio station. As of now, that will not happen due to FCC regulations. In the mean time, we'll act like a 50,000 watt radio station and provide our community (and the world) with good, solid Lutheran programming and family friendly Community programming.

   We have managed to stay operational for about five years. In that time, we have seen a steady increase in volunteers. Many hands make light work. This is very true. I remember days when it was up to two people to operate this station, now we're up to about twenty. Volunteers have been able to edit audio files, create spots and programs, schedule episodes, update the website, improve the studio, and more. Without them, KNNA-LP would not exist, or at the very least turn into a "mom and pop" radio station in the basement. :)

   It has taken some time, but more original programs have been added to KNNA-LP. A little while ago, Bringing Bach Back made its debut. Pastor Adam Moline from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE has put together music from Bach and has placed a Lutheran theological perspective to it. Since Bach was Lutheran, this makes sense. You can check out his program here.

   Nebraska Table Talk is not a new program, but it is new for KNNA-LP. Pastor Brent Kuhlman of Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock, NE has hosted Nebraska Table Talk for quite a few years. Recently, he began producing his program at our studio. You can check out is show here.

   There are other people and organizations expressing interest in providing KNNA-LP with original programming. I am excited to see what the future hold.

   The main reason The Cross 95.7FM raises money is to pay numerous fees and license. The other main reason is to keep our studio functioning and make ways for future possibilities in broadcasting. Currently, volunteers are building a custom table for our studio. This will allow for a more functional and aesthetically pleasing look for our studio. KNNA-LP also gained a remote broadcast system and successfully broadcasted the ACELC conference for two days in Eagle, NE. This is exciting and has opened up numerous possibilities for 95.7FM.

   God has surely blessed this station and I am very thankful for it.

"Captain" Jim Kirk
LBN Director

Friday, April 12, 2019

Our Volunteers Are Vital

Greetings from KNNA-LP 95.7FM in Lincoln, NE!


That's how KNNA-LP runs. We started back in 2014 with internet radio streaming, but didn't have a radio tower for FM radio until 2016. If it wasn't for our volunteers/donors, we never would be where we are today. KNNA-LP is very, very thankful for the blessings given to us.

If it was not for our volunteers, our weekly radio programs, other program preparations, spot creations, various recordings, tech, and many other aspects of our radio station... we would have failed and closed our doors a long time ago. Everyone who volunteers has an amazing passion for radio and a true heart - having the understanding that KNNA-LP 95.7FM is a Mission Outreach to Lincoln, to Nebraska, to the United States, and the world!

Thank you to all who have helped KNNA-LP grow into such a wonderful Lutheran Community and Community radio for the whole family!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Welcome KNNA-LP 95.7FM The Cross

   KNNA-LP in Lincoln, Nebraska was born back in 2014. Since then, our radio station has grown tremendously with listeners not just in Lincoln and Nebraska, but all over the United States and even other parts of the world!

   We are a Christ centered, Lutheran LCMS radio station. That is our focus, to bring "Christ's Living Word for You."

   In early December of 2018, KNNA-LP decided to reach out to other small Lutheran LCMS radio stations throughout the states.  The Goal? To bring the Word of God, the message of Christ crucified and resurrected, to all the world -- for free.

   KNNA is the first to join and we look forward to other Lutheran radio stations in joining the Lutheran Broadcasters Network (LBN).

   For more information on KNNA-LP, go to

What is the Lutheran Broadcasters Network (LBN)?

   The Lutheran community can seem like a "small world." Yet, when you look around the nation, you start to see that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Lutheran LCMS church. We're bigger than most of us would think. The Lutheran world becomes a little bit larger each day when you start seeing what the LCMS provides. Not only does the LCMS provide church services to preach and teach Christ living Word, but has multiple outreach programs. Radio can be one of them!

   In early December of 2018, KNNA-LP decided to reach out to other small Lutheran LCMS radio stations throughout the states.  The Goal? To bring the Word of God, the message of Christ crucified and resurrected, to all the world -- for free.

   Can't Lutheran radios do that on their own?

   Sure! That is encouraged! But the range of some stations isn't much... maybe only a few miles. This network allows for radio stations to essentially broaden their broadcast range! Allowing for more of the US (and even the world) to hear the word of God! How can each station "broaden their broadcast range?" By each station supporting and encouraging others to tune in to the other Lutheran LCMS radio stations. This is accomplished by making announcements on the radio as well as placing information on the radio's website about the other Lutheran stations.

   With that, each station in association with the LBN have permission to use each others original content -- free of charge. Again, essentially broadening the broadcast range of each individual radio station.

   There is no charge for a Lutheran LCMS radio station to join and each station runs independently. No station has authority over the other. Recommendations and advise can be given, but no one station can make decisions for any other station.

   If you would like to join the LBN, or have any questions, please contact Jim Kirk at or the network itself at